Refund Policy

Please Notice - Unfortunately, by law we cannot accept the return of any medication as it cannot be reused once it has left our premises hence if the order has been dispatched we can't offer a refund. Any medication returned to us must be correctly disposed of within 30 days.
You have the right to cancel and are eligible for a refund of your order up to the point when your treatment is dispatched by the pharmacy minus doctor/prescription fees and processing fee of 5%.:

In regard of the services and products purchased on this website (hereinafter called the Website) and by the company owning or operating this website (hereinafter called the Company) a refund may be provided in case the following conditions are met:

  • The product is expired or faulty
  • The problem is announced within 3 days of the receipt of the product
  • The goods are returned in good condition, original packaging, with the labels still in place and unused
  • The return of the goods is previously announced by email and proper reasoning of the return is included in the email
  • If you require us to cancel your order prior doctor approval, you can email us with your name and order number and we will arrange a refund immediately minus the cancellation and processing fee of 5% of the total order
  • If the order has already been approved and you still require a refund then further £10 fee will be deducted on top of the 5% processing fee
  • You have raised the issue with the Company or Website and not with your credit card provider

  • Please be aware that for orders outside of the UK (EU/ Rest of the world) - we strictly do not take any responsibility after the point of dispatchment. The customer outside of the UK places an order with this in mind that the site company nor the pharmacies will take no responsibility towards any lost or damaged goods.

    Any refund request will be carefully reviewed by customer care. In case the above conditions are met you will be granted a refund. Please be aware that the processing of the refund might take up to 5 business days to reflect on your bank or credit card statement from the day the refund was initiated. This solely depends on the card associations and not on the Company.

    In case of any question or concern please get in touch with us by mail on before contacting the credit card company to clarify the issue accordingly. In case you addressed the matter first with the card association we are unable to process a refund thereafter.
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